Boundaries of art have no shape, colour and smell; therefore, even if they existed,
we would not be able to know that we have stepped on them. If you seek art,
you may find it in everything around you. Mainly in style, since man is style.
I find the man to be the most perfect work of art, shaped and painted by the Creator himself.

Dragan Ilic – DI VOGO

The art is always one and the same, though it may be more or less present
at a particular moment and in particular place. The art does not progress or regress,
it only goes through transformations.
The consciousness about art does not progress either, although we wish it would.
The need for art does not grow or decrease. Thanks to God, art is constant,
while we are the ones who change, appear and disappear. Cheers!

Di Vogo




– Born on 7th September 1962, in Belgrade, Serbia.
– Professional artist painter since 1990.
– Since 1991 he has had a number of solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions:
Vienna, Pozarevac, Belgrade, Herceg Novi, Pristina, Sarajevo, Gornji Milanovac,
Banja Luka, Athens, Paris, Los Angeles, Graz, Castroreale, Madrid, Rome…
– Enjoys the status of independent artist since 2001.
– Member of the art group PARALAKSA.
– Member of the association of painters ESNAF.
– He lives and paints in Belgrade, deliberately.




1991 – Vienna, “Lary Art Galerie”

1996 – Belgrade, “Gallery 73”

1999 – Belgrade, Gallery “SKC”

2003 – Belgrade, Gallery “Helena”

2003 – Belgrade, Gallery “Dar-Mar”

2005 – Belgrade, Gallery Cultural Center Rakovica

2005 – Smederevska Palanka, National Museum’s Gallery of Modern Art

2005 – Belgrade, “Conquest of Happiness”, Gallery “Progres”

2006 – Belgrade, Gallery “Helena”

2006 – Belgrade, Gallery “Na bulevaru”

2008 – Belgrade, Gallery “Helena”

2010 – Belgrade, Gallery “Helena”

2011 – Belgrade, Gallery “Helena”

2012.- Belgrade, Gallery SKC Novi Beograd

2012.-Mladenovac, Centar za kulturu Mladenovac




2007 – Nice, Animals in Imaginary Realism, Gallery „Princess of Kiev“

2009 – Wessobrunn, Sacred Art Exhibition, „Lofthouse Gallery“

2009 – Sæby, Dante’s Divine Comedy

2009 – Viechtach, Dante’s Divine Comedy

2010 – Viechtach, IPAX 2010 Dalis Erben+Freunde

2012 – Wien, THE HEIRS OF DALI, Phantasten Museum




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